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Second White House Drone – The Real Agenda

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Second White House Drone – The Real Agenda

New Regulations To Control Hobby Drones ?

Second White House Drone - The Real AgendaWHITE HOUSE DRONE

We just watched the video interview with President Obama regarding the latest White House drone incident.

It immediately became apparent that regulations would soon be  flowing from the Obama Administration (via the FAA) to restrict flight of the non-commercial, hobby type drones.

After six years observing the Obama Regime tactics you learn that almost nothing is by accident, but in most all cases whatever happens has the Obama Agenda behind it and the latest WHITE HOUSE DRONE.

After scanning the article below (re posted from CNN) – go the the link at bottom to see original article and open the top video (not able to post on this page). If you wish to skip to the Obama interview – it is the third one.

Man detained outside White House for trying to fly drone

Kristen Holmes, CNN
Updated 3:43 PM ET, Thu May 14, 2015

Source: CNN
Washington (CNN)Secret Service detained a man Thursday afternoon who eyewitnesses tell CNN was trying to fly some sort of remote-controlled aerial device over the White House fence.
The park on the north side of the White House was placed on lockdown while the incident is being investigated. As of Thursday afternoon, the lockdown had been lifted.

Are drones a national security threat?
President Barack Obama is not currently in the White House and is at Camp David. Additional details of the incident were not immediately available Thursday afternoon.
It’s the second drone incident at the White House this year, coming four months after another man — a U.S. intelligence agency employee who had admittedly been drinking alcohol earlier in the night — lost control of a borrowed personal quadcopter drone that he’d been flying around his apartment, intending to send it out his window and then bring it back inside.

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re latest White House Drone

If you wish to skip to the Obama interview – it is the third one

Second White House DroneSecond White House Drone – The Real Agenda

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