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Marshall Law Before Presidential Election?

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Posted by GONV (Grizzled Old Nam Vet)   Mar 21, 2012 05:10 AM MST

During my research online reg. the Obama Administration’s “National Defense Resource Preparedness” Executive Order (EO) I ran across a good site (see below) which has some good insights into the possible ramifications of the EO.

I just have this nagging feeling that the Obama Administration doesn’t seem to be concerned about reelection. Just look at the EO’s that they have been putting out lately – it sure seems like they are not too concerned about reelection. Do they know something we don’t?

See article from Canada Free Press

Don’t panic, just prep!

Dodging the “National Defense Resource Preparedness” Bullet

– Judi McLeod  Monday, March 19, 2012
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Look to the old Irish proverb for getting by in life now that Barack Obama has signed off on the highly suspicious “National Defense Resources Preparedness” Executive Order:
May your glass be ever full.
May the roof over your head be always strong.
And may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.

The proverb is both perfect for our troubled times and in the timing of Obama’s latest EO, coming onto the radar screen the day before Saint Patrick’s Day.

The proverb’s last line “And may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead” can be especially equated to so-called ‘preppers’ and Obama.

In a shorter version it can be translated to, “Don’t panic, just prep!”

You don’t have to take to the hills to be off of the Obama regime radar screen.

Short of a nuke, Obama’s mentors and minions cannot possibly get to every American household.  Their adulated heroes have been trying to spring One World Government on the masses for the last century.  They have not met with success.

Ominous as they look, Obama’s team is not up to snuff. The unelected czars in his Shadow Party like to sit around talking as they ‘foment’ for a revolution that never comes.  While the czars are toking up and talking, you are installing new shelving for your non-perishables.

Obama and his czars hang out with Hollywood stars whose world is one of Make Believe.  Surviving life’s struggles are above the pay grade of losers like Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin et al.  They would need to be pumped up by late-morning coffee lattés before making it to the front lines of any Revolution.  Besides, wouldn’t girding their loins for coming battles interfere with their time at the gym? Staying in shape is everything when the unforgiving silver screen is your chief means of making a living.

Start identifying and picking off the props that keep Obama hiding behind his well manufactured public perception.

Notice how he’s managed to dodge any possibility of loudly booing crowds by handpicking colleges and universities in which to deliver his “I’ll-Save-The-World-From Nasty America” TelePrompter rendered speeches?

Much of what Obama does aims to demoralize, and even frighten off detractors, like the March 16, Big Brother “National Defense Resources Preparedness” Executive Order.  The American Government had already taken control of energy, food and water.  The March 16 signing only made it official.

Remember that optics and perception are not much more than political tools from Obama’s capacious bag of dirty tricks.

imageThe picture of Michelle climbing out of a limousine to catch Airforce 1 for another getaway, in cut off shorts.  That picture shouted a kind of in-your-face defiance like “I’m looking like that because I can and no one can do anything about it,” or, “I show no respect for the office of First Lady because I don’t have to.”

Family Portuguese water dog Bo and even the Obama daughters are pulled out as occasional campaign props.  Come to think about it, what other going on13-year-old girl is seen in pictures holding Mommy and Daddy’s hand?  Don’t most kids that age go through a period when they don’t want to be seen hanging out with their parents, let alone be spotted holding their hands?

Preppers will be the survivors no matter how nefarious the latest government plan.

Don’t wait for politicians of any stripe to come and save you.  Save yourself because your family depends on you.

While Obama zombies pester folk for “just $3 more”, form neighborhood cells with people of like mind.  Build on human resources like first responders, retired doctors, hunting and hiking experts and good chefs.

Banish any thoughts of relatives poking fun of preppers in the family. They will be the first at their door if and when the food and water runs out.

Hum the refrain of songs like Hip Hip Hooray, Livin’ in the USA as you stock your pantry or larder.

Ignore the talking heads on television networks, watch rented movies from an era when Hollywood really had talent, instead.

The “National Defense Resources Preparedness” EO is a bid for total Marxist control of the USA.  It is not the fault of George W. Bush; not the fault of any other president.  It is here and now.

Identify reality for what it truly is and not the one manufactured by the man with no provable identity.

America has been teetering on the edge ever since Barack Obama gained the White House, and it’s been the politics of Marxism ever since.

Don’t buy into fallacy no matter who’s spouting it on air or online.  Obama is not in over his head.  He’s not particularly incompetent or stupid.  He knows what he is doing.  He works to take America down.

Grab hold of your children, your friends, people of like mind and make your household as independent of government as possible.  Grab hold of commonsense and keep it with you through all the dark days ahead.

Bug out and bunk up.

Return to and cling to the attitude held by your parents and grandparents.  Share with family and friends, be a good neighbour just as passing generations were.  Wait the blankety-blank enemy out in the comfort of your own home, knowing in your heart that nowhere throughout history has any despot ever lasted forever.

And finally for all of those who first ignored the “National Defense Resources Preparedness” EO when it became known and then jumped into the “it’s nothing new; America has always had EOs like that over the years”, here is the determining question to come back to reality:

Would you trust any executive order signed by a guy who unabashedly states his life’s mission as the Fundamental Transformation of America?

Kind of makes your stomach a little queasy doesn’t it?

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