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Israeli Anti Tank Missile Video

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Posted by GONV (Grizzled Old Nam Vet)   Sep 25th, 2012 04:16 MST

 Israeli Anti Tank Missile in Action

I receive this from my email list and found it rather interesting. I simply re-posted the narrative description which does a pretty good job of giving the account. Note all the ammo inside the tank going off after the initial strike.

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This Israeli anti tank missile video is amazing. I didn’t get all the audio that originally came with it but this video is supposedly a real action video of a Syrian tank that came over the Syrian/Israeli border with two other tanks in his party and when the other two Syrian tanks saw what happened in the video they turned around on a dime and motored back to Syria at top speed snooping around checking on their defensive set up. And this Israeli foot soldier had the new shoulder launched anti tank missile and thought he’d give it a try and help out the Syrian tank crew members with their early cremation process!!!  After the initial burn you can hear the missile’s  inside the Syrian tank going off and hitting the inside of the  Syrian tank and then blowing of the turret of the Syrian tank.
It used to be that the anti tank missiles could not be carried and launched by a single foot soldier and even then they could never destroy the tank but maybe slow it down and wouldn’t totally incinerate all the crew members. The other part of the narrative stated that this missile was very tightly controlled because they didn’t want it to fall in the hands of the enemy. Two men always had to be assigned to any number of this devastating missile.

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