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Govt Shutdown Sep 30, 2011

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Posted by GONV (Grizzled Old Nam Vet)

I just felt compelled to get something out in a post regarding the pending possible government shut down on Friday, September 30 ( sort of a catharsis if you well).


Here’s the way I see this whole budget impasse from a simplistic point of view. First, it is very frustrating for me to see how the left and their partners, the left-wing media try to pin this on the Republicans and the new Tea Party representatives in the House and Senate.


Just imagine that you have a family member that is completely addicted to cocaine. You hold a family intervention to attempt to do something about this cocaine addiction which is destroying the entire household. Of course the cocaine addict would be the entire Democrat party and the left. Indeed, their entire life blood  is the continuous stream of taxes flowing into the federal coffers (this of course would be the cocaine). This is the life blood of the Democrat party, and to threaten to cut off this flow will cause a fight to the death.


My advice to the Republicans and the Tea Party representatives in the House and Senate would be to just hold the line. Disregard the media and their threats of Republican blame and just go for it. A  full government shutdown may not be a bad thing, at least for a month or so so we can see where to cut the waste from this bloated government beast that has evolved over the last 50 years or so.

There – I feel a little better now,

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