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“Don’t Tread On Me” Motto 2014 Elections?

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Clint90Posted by GONV (Grizzled Old Nam Vet) Jan 4, 06:03, 2012 MST



Here’s a thought provoking article found by a friend which I decided to re post.

Don’t know this guy (J.D. Longstreet), but will start following him.

Interesting commentary.  America bought the E-ticket ride and it’s going to be wild.  Hang on…………
don't tread on me

2010 Election Just a Preview? … J. D. Longstreet

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I was reading a piece by John Ransom at the other day in which he said: “Wonks and politicians may not see it, but those guys are in the process of self term-limiting out of business anyway- either by votes or by pageviews. 2010 was just a preview, (emphasis mine) not a conclusion even accepting the standstill in the 2012 election.”  SOURCE:

I think Mr. Ransom is right.

A drive through my community and you will see a fresh crop of Gadsden flags sprouting from flagpoles and door posts all over the county, including the doorpost of my own home and office.  The Gadsden flag is the flag with the golden field and a coiled rattlesnake with bared fangs and the phrase:  “Don’t tread on me.”  It is quickly becoming the emblem of choice for those who intend sending the government a message. That message is clear.  “This far and no farther!  We’ve had our fill and we intend to fight back!”

Mr. Ransom refers to our resistance as non-compliance.  I would call it nullification. See, I believe, as did my Confederate ancestors, that every state has the power of nullification.  It is the states’-rights doctrine that a state can refuse to recognize or to enforce a federal law passed by the United States Congress.

congress-support-the-2nd-amendmentAmericans are saddled with the damnable law called “Obamacare” that is going to strangle us to death financially and with smothering government intrusion into our lives, and very soon now, we are going to be slammed with all sorts of gun control laws that seek to disarm, neuter, geld, and make impotent the American citizen in the face of the government making him, for all intents and purposes, a slave of the government.

No matter how much the DPM (Democratic Propaganda Ministry), known as the Mainstream Media, reports on all the wonderful benefits of Obamacare the American citizen still hates it and wants it gone.  It is a horrible law and needs to be repealed in its entirety.

Frankly, I see no way short of states nullifying the law and standing up to the Congress — as sovereign states — and saying “Hell, NO!  We will NOT comply with your law!”

Sometime a well placed metaphorical two by four applied skillfully, and with abundant force, to the head of the opposition will get their attention.  In the case of my Confederate ancestors the application of the two by four, over a couple of decades, still did not work and they had to take it to another level.  They dropped the metaphors and went physical.

A truism is a fact that stubbornly holds fast no matter the lies surrounding it.  One such truism you can always count on is this:  “Fools always rush in!”

With the Newtown Massacre I was counting backwards from ten waiting for the gun control fools to rush in.  Of COURSE they DID!  HOW could they NOT?  They are emotional people. They can not control themselves.  They are convinced — to their core — that THEY are so much more intelligent than you and I and THEY care so much more than you and I,  and that THEY have an obligation through “Noblize Oblige” to see that we do the right thing  — even if they have to force us into it by weight of law.

Of COURSE it is the HEIGHT of hypocrisy.  But understand — these people ARE hypocrites!  But they are dangerous hypocrites.

Blinded by their own arrogance and super-sized self esteem they have blundered into a realm where even angels fear to tread.

Only those deprived of a modicum of good judgment would be so absolutely gullible as to believe they can force their brand of cowardice,  their ignorance of firearms, their fear of the appearance of certain weapons, their utter repugnance at the thought that another living human being may, just MAY, have the COURAGE to stand up for themselves and their fellowman by using a firearm in self-defense — or in the defense of others — would dream, even in a fevered Morpheus inspired nocturnal assignation, of forcing — F O R C I N G — mind you, their gun control laws on the people of the Old Confederacy.  (Did I mention that ONLY a FOOL would do this???)

Look.  There is a strong sense among citizens of this country that America is

america-divided Divided to come apart at the seams.  The rush to arm one’s self is as American as, well, using the gun to attain freedom and then using the gun to PRESERVE that freedom once it WAS attained.  It is “what we do.”  It happens to be exactly what we are doing right now.

No one should be surprised when  confrontation(s) between federal and state law enforcement agencies become numerous.  Nor should anyone be surprised when shooting begins, as it indubitably will.

If such laws are, indeed, passed citizens will demand that enforcement be overridden by either sovereign state nullification or state sponsored non-compliance.  If the Congress does not finally come to its senses and wipe such offensive tripe from the US Code, I have concluded it is well within reason to expect a number of states to begin secession procedures.

I think it is prudent to issue a warning to our national legislators in the Congress that they are tip-toeing on extremely thin ice.  One can say, with no hesitation, a purge of Congress is in the offing in the next election cycle (in 2014) IF they insist on placing their political careers on the line — and in jeopardy — by foolishly aligning themselves with the gun control hysterics.

I must agree that the historic election of 2010 was, indeed, a preview of 2014, a prequel,  even.  The electorate is in no mood for additional hijinks by the Congress.  They are going to demand a reckoning, and they will begin at the ballot box.


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