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Arming The Brotherhood – Brilliant Idea!!!

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What’s The Rush To Bomb The Syrians?

GONVGONV (Grizzled Old Nam Vet)



Do you get the feeling that there is more going on behind the curtain?

Why is Obama and his administration working at break neck speed to blame the Syrian government for this gas attack?

The Syrian government has absolutely no reason to gas the civilians – but it would definitely aid the Rebels (Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists).

This is how I see it. The Obama Administration is under orders (from their handlers) to get the Muslim Brotherhood (along with Al-Qaeda and the rest of the terrorist groups) back in the game, and that means the entire middle east including Egypt.

The handlers (The Globalists) must be putting  lots of pressure on The Pres because he is hell bent on getting a war started in the middle east, and maybe accomplishing one of their objectives in wiping out Israel along the way.

By the way – if you ever find out what happened at Benghazi you will find a similar plan.

Take a look at this video by Glenn Beck to see who Obama, McCain, Graham and the rest want to support:

Just The Kind Of Guys You Want On Your Side


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