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14 Powerful Truths That Will Set You Free

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14 Powerful Truths That Will Set You FreeDemonic Globalist Trying To Suppress VIDEO AUDIOBrighteon Broadcast News, Aug 7, 2023 - Demonic globalists go CRAZY trying to suppress these 14 POWERFUL TRUT…

14 Powerful Truths That Will Set You Free

Demonic Globalist Trying To Suppress

Brighteon Broadcast News, Aug 7, 2023 – Demonic globalists go CRAZY trying to suppress these 14 POWERFUL TRUTHS (that will set you free)


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Brighteon Broadcast News, Aug 7, 2023 – Demonic globalists go CRAZY trying to suppress these 14 POWERFUL TRUTHS (that will set you free)
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1:13:31 Interview with Robert Kiyosaki

– Anything the satanic globalists don’t want you to know, they label it “disinformation”
– The TRUTH will destroy their control over humanity and set you free
– Key technologies have been deliberately withheld from humanity
– #Scarcity in food, energy, medicine and wealth is ENGINEERED to keep people enslaved
– God and Mother Nature have already created all the #naturalmedicine the world could ever need
– The media push #hate because they need people to live in fear, anger and violence rather than #prosperity and #peace
– The higher the #CO2 in the atmosphere, the MORE food grows around the world, ending hunger
– #Carbon sequestration is a #terraforming operation to induce global #famine
– The food supply is deliberately poisoned with #pesticides to keep you confused, sick and fearful
– You exist as a reflection of the power of God, and through voice + intention, you can “program” the cosmos in your favor
– Full interview with “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki

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Mae Woo
2 hours ago

Well done list Mike, good info.

Leland Jossy
9 hours ago

I don’t think it is the greenies who are China Joe’s puppet master is the group of billionaire scum who love to profit from our sickness and suffering, and also the deep population group, which are the same.

15 hours ago

Following Torah and the way taught to us by Yahshua sets us free.

patrizia rossi
15 hours ago

Hi Mike, you have mentioned many times to let you know people that could be interviewed by you that can contribute enormously for the goodness of humanity. Please arrange an interview with Dr. Prof. Giuseppe Di Bella. An incredible christian Italian physician that has and is curing cancer and others diseases with his Scientific Method (Multitherapy biological for cancers, vitaminology, retinoids, etc). “The full knowledge of vitamins is equivalent to the knowledge of the finest balances and energy-matter relationships and of all the reflections of vital activity. From its original biochemical-vital role, vitaminology has risen to the essential rational therapeutic one, both in the prevention and in the treatment of various diseases. The in-depth knowledge of the regulatory mechanisms of normal, physiological life can therefore allow effective countermeasures to avoid deviations incompatible with health and life.Especially the fundamental role in immunity by retinoids, to the point of formulating a new classification of the entire immune system according to the ‘theory of endogenous retinoic acid’ and ‘retinoic acid depletion syndrome’. The fact that it is emerging in all its evidence, the relevant, and decisive, extent of the role of retinoids in immunity and in the prevention and therapy of cancer. 

Over the years, his method has been of help to many cancer patients.

For example, there have recently been two important publications highlighting the remission of 7 cases of very aggressive brain tumours and 15 cases of osteosarcoma with lung metastases.

Only on retinoids there are about 60 thousand publications.

He is not conventional and against chemotherapy and other pharmaceutical protocols. He says that OMS is a mortal risck. He is strongly against the covid vaccine, therefore he was suspended as a physician.

Dr Di Bella is a man with high ethic, moral and christian values.

God bless you always


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KAmy O
17 hours ago

Been there, done that. There is nothing new under the sun. “Power” of the mind goes by many names: psychic, channeling, TM…or what I did: receiving information about previous owners from objects. The power is real. But it is deceptive. Deception comes from the enemy. Deception tells you one can be like God. If we can be like God, the next step is why do we need God? Is it ‘thy will be done’ or ‘my will be done’? We can have power in the Name of Jesus, or we can have quasi power in the name of ourselves through Satan. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Please take a look at the book War on the Saints by Jesse Penn Lewis. It will explain the truth about such powers. Or you can take the road I had to take: get beat up by believing the lies then discovering the truth over and over until it sticks. In that case, look for the lies, the contradictions….be the scientist proving or disproving a theory. TEST the spirits to see if they are of God. But one has to test them against what God says—which means you must know what the Bible says. Prayers….

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Bishwa Basnet
19 hours ago

Hi Mike, I’ve tried watching Sayer Ji’s videos. But it’s not free please. It asks you to buy the program. So either rectify it, or don’t say it’s free.


going after the children should have been the very last straw but humanity hasn’t moved but instead think someone else (Trump) might fix it all when the Bilderbergs have been creating saviors in this very same way down through history and Hitler was their last big one and then WW2 and destruction and slaughter of millions and they claim to be JEWISH but Israel is rioting their NWO One World Religion

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5 G micro wave towers are the most dangerous but Humanity can’t see what is outside their window when they should all be destroyed

Michael W Vega
1 day ago • edited

Nixon didn’t make that decision. He was told to close the gold convertability window. He said he was “temporarily closing the gold convertability window” on August 15, 1971 but it is still temporarily closed today.

1 day ago

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

Audrey Hepburn

14 Powerful Truths That Will Set You Free


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