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Welcome to the Survival Gear Store

Survival Gear Store

OUR MISSION:  We hope this site may act as a wake-up call for all those that may still be “complacent” (head inserted in rectum)

We also ask and encourage you the reader to share your ideas and knowledge from the “Survivalist Community” in our Survival Blog

Every day brings something new – Global financial melt downs, Credit downgrade for USA, Washington grid lock (not always a bad thing), riots in streets of many cities worldwide, the last of your 401k and IRA vaporizing in a few short days of stock market meltdown, the value of the US Dollar falling as gold is reaching for $2500 per ounce, every terrorist country around the world working overtime to stockpile nuclear weapons, a US federal government that looks more like the Communist Countries of the 1970’s with each new day, and on and on – – –

Allow me to introduce myself:


My thanks to Clint Eastwood for the use of his countenance (taken from movie “Grand Torino”).



I go by the handle  GONV (Grizzled Old Nam Vet)

helicopter_troop_drop1 1/2 tours in Vietnam (65-66)

Commercial Aviation background (pilot)

Politics: No party affiliation (lean heavily Republican) – Fiscally Conservative Libertarian (Tea Party Advocate – “get the government out of my life!”)

I won’t be elaborating much about myself other than to say that I’ve done a great deal of study in many subject areas and have a working knowledge of almost everything.

ALERT 02/14/2013: As you notice, I choose to remain anonymous (GONV). This is becoming more necessary as we rapidly approach a full on totalitarian government.

Very shortly I fully expect to see a time where disagreement with the Regime will deem you a terrorist and enemy of the state.

ALERT UPDATE 04/20/2015 As predicted, it’s happening as you read this. Expect some sort of FALSE FLAG event, or events which will be set-up to blame the Patriots, Constitutionalists, T-Party, Gun Owners and Veterans.

Refer Back To: The Feds Are Preparing For War – Are We The Enemy?

All input is welcome to the Survival Blog, however, it will be moderated.

Rules are as follows:

1. No racial content

2. No anti-Semitic content

3. Try to keep the language somewhat under control

4. No threats of violence (and especially toward your fellow contributors)

Just a suggestion (it’s totally up to you), – – – it may be a good idea to remain anonymous if you are concerned about the direction of the government and free speech

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