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Survival In A Dangerous World

Don’t Be Just Another Victim

Prepare To Protect Your Family While You Still Have Time


Update 06/20/2024

The Biden Admin (Obama Cartel) under control of the Global NWO has brought 15 million illegal aliens into the United States, many of them fighting-age well-equipped young men from all over the world. There is strong evidence that these are UN mercinaries to be equipped, armed and turned loose in urban neighborhoods possibly with orders to collect all guns.

Surviving Urban Warfare In 2024

They have convicted Trump on all 34 counts in a NY sham trial that no one even now knows what he was guilty of, used only to keep him from being elected again.

It is now clearly obvious that what we have is a Deep State, Uniparty (both Dem and Rep) Shadow Government (CIA, FBI, NSA, ATF) – A giant Federal Government Crime Syndicate – The New Mafia.

The Left is in a panic, and we expect some sort of False Flag Event to bring on Martial Law to shut down the 2024 election.


Update 05/03/2023

It now appears that the Deep State (Uniparty) has perfected their vote rigging system after results of the 2022 midterm elections.

Trump is now running for 2024; however, if the new “Trump MAGA Party” doesn’t get involved in competing to win against the Uniparty, maybe fighting with the same corrupt tactics, they will lose.

The NWO Great Reset plan is moving rapidly with full force to completely take over of the USA with a full totalitarian federal govt regime.

The plan to crash the economy world wide, and especially in the USA is moving right along, with a bank failure almost weekly.

Once they have crashed the economy, they plan the full introduction of the centralized digital currency to allow for total control of the populous.

Take a look at the following website to get an idea of what’s coming:

Beware: They will be moving with full force to disarm the public using all methods, including False Flag incidents – mass shootings (engineered by the CIA and FBI).

It also appears that the Globalists are pushing for an all out nuclear war with Russia using their fraudulent war in Ukraine as an excuse.



Update 04/29/2022

We always knew the U.S. Federal Government was corrupt (9/11 etc), but with the election of Trump they completely outed themselves in their attempt to remove him.

It is quite evident that the ” “DEEPSTATE/SHADOW GOVERNMENT” permeates the entire Fed Govt from top to bottom. That means every department – every agency CIA), every bureau (FBI).

We now know that the FBI is responsible for arranging many of the terrorist false flag operations (for example Jan 6).

Everything has been done to enable the input of the NWO, now called THE GREAT RESET (“you will own nothing and be happy”).

With the installation of the Fraudulent President (Joe O’Biden) through a massive criminally fraudulent presidential election in 2020, the NWO is moving swiftly to destroy the economy by all means.

This is the plan – THE GREAT RESET, to enable them to bring in the new Centralized Cryptocurrency Digital Dollar after they collapse the Fiat Dollar.

Websites that will aid in your survival for the coming Great Reset:


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Update 01/27/2021

A Fraudulent election took place on Nov 3rd 2020 thru the use of rigged voting machines and other techniques in almost all states in the union.

We now have an imposter president in name of Joe Biden who is undoubtedly under the control of the Chinese Communist CCP controlled by the NWO.

We are now living in very dangerous times – the NWO with the help of the CCP (and Deep State Shadow Government) used a bioweapon (COVID19) and a multitude of voter fraud devices (including the Dominion voting machines) to fraudulently steal the 2020 election from DJT.

It now appears to us that the Globalist NWO (now rebranded to WEF World Economic Forum) with their goal of “THE GREAT RESET” is moving rapidly toward the collapse of the USA economy so that they can introduce a Global Financial Reset complete with a “Global Digital Currency” (can you say “MARK OF THE BEAST” 666 ???)

Digital Currency Privacy Mark Of The Beast Cryptocurrency Privacy

You may want to check out our sister website that may be very helpful in the future. It covers developments in CRYPTOCURRENCY PRIVACY & DIGITAL CURRENCY PRIVACY (escaping the grasp of Big Brother) =

Also another of our sister websites that covers the “GREAT RESET” in depth =

Note: this website was left dormant from 02/26/2017 and now looking back at the content it’s amazing how prophetic our forcasts were.


Update 02/26/2017

Donald J. Trump has been elected 45th President of USA !!!

This is contrary to agenda of Global NWO Elite

As of this date they have tried everything to remove him – we are in a very dangerous time

One more thing they have (besides assassination) is a GLOBAL FINANCIAL MELTDOWN



The Following Pertains To President Obama’s Past Regime Only

However, a large part of the federal government is composed of Globalist NWO Operatives that are working overtime to sabotage

the Trump Administration


WARNING !!! Some information on this site is depressing; however, don’t lay down and become just another victim. Take heart! – The SURVIVAL GEAR STORE will provide you and your family tools to survive the coming bad times.

The Matrix




     Every day brings something new – – –

  • Washington gridlock (not always a bad thing)
  • Riots in streets of many cities worldwide

The Survival Gear Store | Survival Store Near Me

  • Your 401k and IRA vaporizing in a stock market meltdown
  • The US Dollar value falling as gold reaches for $2500 per ounce
  • Every terrorist country around the world working overtime to stockpile nuclear weapons
  • North Korea and Iran developing long range ballistic missiles capable of reaching the US
  • A US federal government that looks more like a Fascist-Communist Third World Country with each new day
  • A US federal government that employs “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” technique to enslave the populous

The Survival Gear Store | Survival Store Near Me

  • A US federal government that is stockpiling huge quantities of arms and ammunition for all of its various agencies (to be used for what?)
  • Credit downgrade for USA
  • Global financial melt downs
  • A Government that is flying drone aircraft (armed?) over your neighborhood
  • Very bazaar happenings almost every day – – – odd mass shootings that seem (just by chance?) to promote the government’s war on the second amendment, notable public figures dying in strange circumstances and on and on – – –
  • Mass riots and social unrest in many parts of the world
  • A mainstream mass media that lies to the populous and spews the state run party line

The Survival Gear Store | Survival Store Near Me



Mission of the Survival Gear Store

While the Survival Gear Store is a store site for survival gear store products, its main focus is on trying to determine what the future may hold and developing multiple strategies for preparation.

It is also necessary to try and make some sense of the geopolitical and economic picture of a rapidly evolving world situation which seems to be spinning totally out of control.

The real disaster in the near future will likely be  man made in the form of a massive world wide financial meltdown with an accompanying social breakdown.

This appears to be approaching rapidly – so it would be advisable to – – –


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Survival in a Dangerous World


Survival Gear Store


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Don’t Be Just Another Victim !!!

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