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The Financial Meltdown

The Financial Meltdown

A Look-Back at The Causes of The Financial Meltdown

 The Financial Meltdown

Looking Back

In order to determine what the future holds it’s necessary to look back to see how we got in this mess – – – and for you folks that are of my generation (baby boomer or earlier), I’ll bet you’re wondering just what the hell happened to the good old US of A.

Of course these are just my own personal opinions but — very simply, I say the problems all started when the first politician discovered he could buy votes with taxpayer dollars — and from there it was all downhill.

Now as to our more recent problems here in the US – – I think one of President Barack Obama’s mentors said it best — “The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost”. So to translate – years and years of federal government mismanagement, politicians working for their own self interest and not for the country, spending money like it’s created from thin air (it is -by the Fed) —and it’s finally all come home to roost. 

Here is something you won’t hear in The Mainstream (Lamestream) Media – The USofA is officially BANKRUPT. Problem — there is no international bankruptcy court in which to file a bankruptcy petition. So what’s next? 

Looking Forward

  • What are the top three Concerns from a survival preparedness standpoint here in the US? 
  • Financial Melt Down along with accompanying Societal Breakdown
  • Terrorist Attacks in US cities
  • Ever Encroaching Totalitarianism from our own federal government

Here are two excellent, short and concise videos that depict the Mortgage Meltdown of 2007 by Jonathan Jarvis

Credit Crisis Visualized Part 1

Credit Crisis Visualized Part 2

 Short 3 minute humorous video: explains how the economy works

Short 3 minute humorous video: explains the World Financial Collapse 

The Financial Meltdown
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