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The Liberal Psyops Machine

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The Liberal Psyops Machine

Liberal Media Is On The Front Lines Of The Communist Insurgency

This is the most powerful and sophisticated psychological warfare machine the world has ever known

BY: bob@deprogrammingservices

Know Your Enemy: the Liberal Psyops Machine

The liberal press is on the front lines of the war being waged against America by a very real communist insurgency. This psychological warfare machine is the most important weapon this enemy has: all of its operatives and their strategies depend on its support.

This is the most powerful and sophisticated psychological warfare machine the world has ever known:

Modern Technology Gives It Power

It’s the most powerful because of the power modern technology gives it; one smiling traitor can be in the living room of many millions of people, in living color and bigger than life, like a trusted friend.

It’s the most sophisticated because propaganda has been studied and improved since the beginning of civilization, so those who use its methods now know more than ever before; even the commercial advertising industry has been called a massive laboratory of propaganda, and everything it has learned is used by the smiling traitor on TV waging war on your country.

Like the most powerful and highly developed rifle, this weapon is used ruthlessly by your enemy in waging war on your country. Do not underestimate its power just because you see it for what it is: it herds massive herds of mindless cattle, and their vote counts exactly the same as yours (or even more, since many of them cast more than one vote).

You May Have Succumbed To It

And if you look closely within your own mind you might see that even you have succumbed to it more than you care to admit, though probably more out of fear of the liberal thought police than because the message convinced you of anything.

Do You Fear Being Labelled?

For example, do you cower in fear of being labelled with slogans like racist and white nationalist, and so remain silent about the massive demographic change being forced on your country? The most important part of this strategy is legal immigration from the third world; do you speak out against that?

Opposing something that is clearly turning you and your children into slaves of a communist government is good and natural, but many who call themselves patriot fear to do it openly. This did not come about organically my friend; it was engineered, and the liberal psyops machines were an essential part of the engineering. And this is just one example.

CNN And MSNBC Most Conspicuous

Networks like CNN and MSNBC are the most conspicuous parts of this weapon, but all liberal media are part of it, even the fiction programs, including the comedian corps. The conspicuous parts serve the purpose of herding the most deeply indoctrinated cattle, but the more subtle parts are far more effective overall, because the less visible traitor is much better able to get into a position to stick a knife in your back.

Government Schools Indoctrination Centers

The government schools were turned into indoctrination centers generations ago, with the dumbing down of the population a big part of their mission; these create fertile soil for the seeds of deception to be planted in and nurtured by the smiling liars on TV. This increases the power of the psyops machine exponentially.

Make the truth about this weapon known far and wide my friends, to reduce its power. This is an essential part of educating the low-information drone and deprogramming the indoctrinated liberal fool.

The Liberal Psyops Machine



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