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Michael Hastings Death – A John Brennan Connection?

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John Brennan (CIA) Subject of Michael Hastings Expose’?

Things are starting to leak out about the article that Michael Hastings was getting ready to publish before his mysterious death (Assassination?). Here is the latest from The Daily Caller.

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What story was Michael Hastings working on before his death?

4:42 PM 08/13/2013

Josh Peterson

Tech Editor

Prior to his death, the late-journalist Michael Hastings was working on an exposé on Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan, San Diego 6 reports.

The article, first confirmed by Hastings’ widow Elise Jordan on CNN, is expected to be published in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone.

Brennan was implicated in an alleged internal email from private intelligence firm Stratfor, published by Wikileaks, as the head of the federal government’s crackdown on investigative journalists when he served as the White House’ counter-terrorism adviser.

The email was obtained from a December 2011 hack against the firm by the hacktivist collective Anonymous.

While the CIA confirmed that Hastings was working on the story about Brennan, the agency denied allegations that he was hunting down investigative journalists.

One of the hackers allegedly involved in Stratfor hack, Jeremy Hammond, is currently facing a maximum sentence of up to a decade in federal prison and a $2.5 million fine, under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, for his role in the hack.

Many times the comments below these columns are interesting. Check out what “redwood05090” has to say below –

• 7 hours ago

He could not have been wasted for that, he must have known something far more sinister to get vaporized by the notorious Brenan & his goons, (I doubt if they were agency staff) or a specially hired Hollywood sci-fi-special effects types who can do anything the mind can only imagine. Anyone who knows Highland and Snata Monica Bl’d, Hollywood, L.A, does not buy the accident story for a minute and furthermore, no one can point a finger at the obedient LAPD that predictably did absolutely nothing to investigate what happened to this loyal lefty news maker. His so called Obama psychomaniac employers- and his “pals” had no interest in the story after he was turned into dust? The Lefties do not want to know, perhaps they know that something really ugly could blow out of control here like the 400 Stingers or what ever make they were in the agency’s office in Libya? The Leftis in control of all the local media, L.A Weekly, L.A Times, the so called local T.V, are all in a coma ever since this story happened. The national media staffed by sworn Lefty crew-coast to coast-is out to lunch – AWOL…nobody wants to know what is it about this clever by half Arabist Brenan, what is he really worried about? Is he really what the media knows about him or is he hiding something? None of the overpaid tenured media celebrities made any connection between a 23 years old fella who worked for Brenan, in 2008, than, running a private outfit-on contract with the U.s State Department to issue passports, with computer access to all U.S passports, files on all U.S citizens, than, this youthful employee poked into Hillary/Obama records and spilled a few beans, nothing incriminating or damaging even though there is no doubt that they have some things there that could have disqualified Obama from becoming a janitor in a government building, but the fella was identified, and within one week he was shot in his sedan (more than once) in Phili one night. It happens that he was a direct employee of Brenan. I do not know a thing other people cannot find on their own, and I am too lazy to spend time searching for his name, but this is a true story that was well covered. So if anyone wants to dismiss the possibility that between Hastings abnormal ascent like the Biblical Elijah into a flying fireball and the fella in Phili-2008, I would respectfully suggest that they think it over and examine the facts.

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