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Holder’s Wish – Federalization of Police

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Holder’s Wish – Federalization of Police

Local Police Under Attack By The Feds

GONV (Grizzled Old Nam Vet)



GONV (Grizzled Old Nam Vet)

Things are progressing according to plan.

If you are reading this and don’t know what the plan is – check your favorite search engine and Youtube for keywords such as NWO, Globalist Agenda, NDAA, and see how this fits into the plan:  

Federalization of Police

Sovereign Citizens More Dangerous Than ISIS,   

Obama’s New World Order Plan

Feds Preparing For War – Are We The Enemy?

If the local and state police haven’t figured it out yet – you guys are under attack!

The over all plan or agenda is to create chaos, pit everyone against everyone else, and create a race war

All of this will eventually lead to Marshal Law

Can’t believe your own government would do this – BELIEVE IT !!!


Holder Gets His Wish: An Open War On Police Officers
03/12/2015 06:28 PM ET

Federalization of PoliceLawlessness: The latest casualties in Eric Holder’s anti-cop race war are two Ferguson, Mo., officers shot at a protest rally. The ambush follows the attorney general smearing the entire Ferguson police force as racist.

‘Acknowledgment nine months ago would have kept that from happening!” one protester shouted, referring to the August police shooting of Michael Brown.

“It’s time for the (people) to finally fight back against these racist ass pigs!” another protester tweeted.

Just hours earlier, Ferguson’s police chief stepped down in response to Holder’s 100-page report claiming Ferguson police engaged in systemic racism against local blacks.

“Nothing in this travesty of a report proves that, and the fact that Justice produced a report so buffoonish, so replete with conclusions unsupported by facts, so lacking in basic methodological rigor, is an embarrassment,” blasted U.S. Commission on Civil Rights member Peter Kirsanow, who is black.

But “the report has accomplished its objective,” Kirsanow added. “It’s smeared police officers across the country, giving the administration excuse to exert greater control over local police departments.”

It’s also enlarged the target on their backs. Holder excused anti-cop violence that broke out after the Brown shooting, suggesting it was justified by his overall findings.

“Members of the community may not have been responding only to a single isolated confrontation, but also to a pervasive, corrosive and deeply unfortunate lack of trust — attributable to … abuses, unreasonable searches and seizures, and excessive and dangerous use of force … against African Americans,” he said, only encouraging more violence against cops.

Remember: The first casualties in Holder’s war on cops were the two New York Police Department officers assassinated in December by a young black man seeking revenge for what Holder claimed were racially motivated police shootings of black men.

Before Ismaaiyl Brinsley ambushed and killed the NYPD cops as they sat in their cruiser, Holder personally egged on anti-cop protesters in St. Louis and New York with his race rhetoric. He even huddled with racial arsonist Al Sharpton to coordinate an agitation campaign as he did in Sanford, Fla., after the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Holder insisted that law enforcement do not treat black citizens fairly, that they profile young black men in particular. Blacks have good reason to distrust police, he said, given the history of discrimination in America.

Holder even said he’s been personally harassed by police and has counseled his son to be wary of cops. He announced that he was doubling the number of civil rights investigations of police departments, already numbering 20.

Message: The Ferguson police, NYPD and many other police forces across the country are a bunch of racists; and if you are black, you may be in their cross hairs.

So now we have two racially charged cop ambushes, and the blood of these victims is on Holder’s hands. It’s clear he has a personal grudge against cops and that he wrote his specious report to confirm his own biases.

Now he says he’s sorry the cops got shot in the backlash he fueled. But does he really find the attacks “repugnant”? Do they really “turn” his stomach?

After all, this is the same man who tried to hire the top defender of unrepentant cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal as his civil rights chief, and who has refused to seek the death penalty for four black cop-killers in Virginia.

And now he won’t demand the extradition of cop-killer Joanne Chesimard from Cuba, despite normalized relations. She and Abu-Jamal were Black Panthers, the same militant group Holder refused to prosecute for trying to intimidate white voters into voting for Obama in the 2008 election.

Holder has his own “unconscious bias,” as he likes to accuse cops of having, and we fear it runs deeper than just smearing cops as racist.

Holder’s Wish – Federalization of Police