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Get Residency In Colombia

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Get Residency In Colombia

May Be Time To Start Thinking About Another Country –

(Especially If Hillery Is Elected President)

If you read the prior article Why You Need A Second Passport then you may find this news to be exciting!

I’ve been following Simon Black (Sovereign Man) for some time and he puts out some terrific info.

The article below seems to be a promo for his program and while I think it’s probably very good, I am not affiliated in any way.

How to get almost immediate residency in Colombia

Get Residency In ColombiaGet Residency In Colombia

Colombia is a land that has intoxicated people for centuries. As soon as the Spanish arrived in the 15th century, the myth about the golden city and kingdom of El Dorado enticed adventurers and fortune seekers far and wide.

After its independence from Spain, Colombia was a major power. In fact, Panama was originally a province within Colombia… that is, until JP Morgan engineered a coup and Panamanian independence in 1903, all so that he could participate in the financing of the Panama Canal.

Colombia in the 20th century was violent and volatile, particularly after WWII. There was political infighting, civil war, Communist insurgencies, and drug violence.

Today all of that has changed.

The drug violence started to subside about 20 years ago after the death of Pablo Escobar. Meanwhile Communist and Marxist guerillas have weakened considerably.

In fact, the Colombian government and the country’s major insurgent group, FARC, are nearing a major deal and have recently committed to sign a final peace agreement after more than five decades of armed conflict.

Colombia could be on the cusp of a major reputation change. Right now, the country is still associated with its dark past around the world.

That has largely kept it under the radar for most people and investors. But…

Every time I come here, it gets better.

I learn more about great new investments, business, and lifestyle opportunities.

It’s been centuries since the Spanish arrived. And Colombia is again promising riches for the adventurous… except that today’s opportunities in Colombia are no myth.

Today I want to tell you about an excellent new residency option in Colombia that I just learned about.


This is an excerpt from a recent report that was sent to Sovereign Man: Confidential members.

Inside this report, our members learned:

The 3 methods of obtaining residency in Colombia (and which one is right for you).
How to get a 5-year residency visa (with contact information for our lawyer based in Colombia)
How to get this residency visa while only visiting Colombia once per year.
Step-by-step instructions to complete the visa application process (so you can leave no stone unturned)
What US taxpayers need to do differently to qualify for residency in Colombia.

This is a sample of what Sovereign Man: Confidential members are exposed to on a regular basis. Clear, rational, and profitable solutions that make sense no matter what.

When you become a Sovereign Man: Confidential member you’ll regularly get Alerts like this with intelligence focused on international diversification, along with global investment insights, so that you can be sure your savings are secure and your family’s livelihood preserved.

For every strategy we recommend, we don’t just tell you what to do, but we also show you step-by-step how to do it.

We even include the names and contact information of bankers, attorneys, trust officers and other professionals in our worldwide network who are ready to work with you.

Plus you’ll receive a ton of other actionable bonuses, including a complimentary copy of our Offshore Trust Kit ($295 value), and a Black Paper on foreign banking ($47 value).

If you’d like to learn how to get almost immediate residency in Colombia, plus get dozens of actionable solutions for everything from banking and investing to overseas gold storage and corporations, then click the link below to get started.

Click here to become a Sovereign Man: Confidential member.

In Freedom,

Simon Black

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Get Residency In Colombia