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Assault Weapon Propaganda

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Assault Weapon Propaganda

The Purpose Is To Disarm The American People

Assault weapon is a slogan used by liars to manipulate fools. There is no such classification of arms; the slogan was dreamed up purely for propaganda purposes

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Assault Weapon Propaganda


Assault weapon is a slogan used by liars to manipulate fools. There is no such classification of arms; the slogan was dreamed up purely for propaganda purposes. And the same thing applies to other slogans, like weapons of war, battlefield weapons, legitimate sporting purpose, and so on.

Based on usage, what these slogans refer to are 20th Century arms, because laws against so-called assault weapons outlaw certain guns because they are arms (weapons in other words), and only arms that are characteristic of 20th Century designs; pre-20th Century arms remain legal (these include bolt and lever action, single shot, double barrel, and revolvers). The purpose is to disarm the American people through obsolescence.

What the sporting use concept says is that there is some kind of vague right or privilege or something to have guns, but only if the gun’s purpose is trivial, since sport by definition is something done just for fun. So there is some privilege to have dangerous toys, but there is no right to have the means to defend yourself, your family, your community, and your country (unless you work for the government). This is an absurd concept, but it is widely used in the selling of these illegal disarmament edicts.

The Sporting Purpose Lie

The sporting purpose lie can be stated succinctly like this: there is a right of the people to keep and bear arms, but only as long as what the people keep and bear are not arms. The formula for this argument is A only if not A. This is a logical impossibility. It might be the stupidest argument ever presented in human history. Its widespread acceptance among liberal cattle shows the power of liberal propaganda machines to herd cattle with absurd deceptions.

The Slogan Weapons Of War

The slogan weapons of war is another version of the same absurdity. The definition of the word arms includes weapons suitable for armed conflict, whether it’s between individuals, small groups, larger groups, nations, or patriots defending their country from a corrupt government. If there is any question about this in the context of the 2nd Amendment, the militia clause answers it, because only arms suitable in war can be necessary to the security of a free state.

Certain facts make clear the lies about these weapons being the reason mass murders are so deadly. It is proven, verifiable fact that the biggest mass murders have all been committed with things other than guns; this proves that no gun at all is necessary to commit mass murder, let alone a so-called assault weapon. (This is why the enemy uses the slogan mass shooting instead of mass murder). These include the Happy Land arson fire, mass murder by truck in Nice France, Oklahoma City bombing, and others.

As far as these being a public danger, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, more murders are committed with bare hands than with all rifles combined, and the same thing is true of bludgeon weapons, and way more people are killed with knives. It is rifles that are most focused on in assault weapons propaganda, and they are the main target of it.

This is why the enemy came up with the slogan gun crime.

Many people are killed with handguns, and since the definition of the slogan is vague and ambiguous, most modern handguns can be classified as so-called assault weapons when it suits the purpose of the enemy. But it is not their supposedly high capacity that makes them so commonly used in crime; it’s their commonality. Over half of all firearms deaths are suicides, and these only require one shot.

One of the most egregious parts of this big lie is that even though the absurdity of it has been exposed for decades, it is still being told, laws are still being based in it, and there is still sporting use language in federal law.

These are just a few examples, but they are enough to show the depth of the deception the liberal cult has managed to plant into the mind of ignorant masses. The assault weapons scam is a shining monument to the dumbing down of America.

Used To Promote General Disarmament

And this mass deception by an enemy that took control of most of the government and media is as dangerous as the general disarmament it is used to promote.
An enemy that will do this, and that has the power to use it as the basis of law intended to undermine a Constitutional right, is an extreme danger to a free people.

Assault Weapon Propaganda

The Purpose Is To Disarm The American People



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