Survival In A Dangerous World

Don’t Be Just Another Victim

WARNING !!! You may find the information on this site to be somewhat depressing – – – (that’s because it mostly is); however, don’t lay down and become just another victim. Take heart! – we provide you and your family the tools to survive the coming bad times.

     Every day brings something new – – -

  • Global financial melt downs
  • Credit downgrade for USA
  • Washington gridlock (not always a bad thing)
  • Riots in streets of many cities worldwide
  • Your 401k and IRA vaporizing in a stock market meltdown
  • The US Dollar value falling as gold reaches for $2500 per ounce
  • Every terrorist country around the world working overtime to stockpile nuclear weapons
  • North Korea and Iran developing long range ballistic missiles capable of reaching the US
  • A US federal government that looks more like a Fascist-Communist Third World Country with each new day
  • A US federal government that is stockpiling huge quantities of arms and ammunition for all of it’s various agencies (to be used for what?)
  • A federal government that is flying drone aircraft (armed?) over your neighborhood
  • Very bazaar happenings almost every day – – – odd mass shootings that seem (just by chance?) to promote the governments war on the second amendment, notable public figures dying in strange circumstances and on and on
  • Mass riots and social unrest in many parts of the world
  • A mainstream mass media that lies to the populous and spews the state run party line

     And on and on – – -

Mission of the Survival Gear Store

While the Survival Gear Store is a store site for survival products, it’s main focus is on trying to determine what the future may hold and developing multiple strategies for preparation.

It is also necessary to try and make some sense of the geopolitical and economic picture of a rapidly evolving world situation which seems to be spinning totally out of control.

The real disaster in the near future will likely be  man made in the form of a massive world wide financial meltdown with an accompanying social breakdown.

This appears to be approaching rapidly – so it would be advisable to be prepared!!!

Survival Gear Store

Visit the Survival Gear Store for the latest survival products from a variety of the best national suppliers and vendors.

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Self Defense Weapons and Tactics of all types, both urban and wilderness. Featuring the latest products from a variety of the best national suppliers and vendors.

Emergency Backup Generators

Best Backup Generators: Gasoline, Propane, Natl Gas, Diesel, Solar, Tri-Fuel

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Best Backup Heaters: Electric, Propane, Kerosene, Wood Burning, Solar

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Articles and comments about survival preparedness, world economic news, and world political news.

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Articles with helpful survival prep information, world economic news, and world political information.

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Survival Prep Videos with information on all types of survival preparation for you and your family.

Agenda 21

When you understand “Agenda 21″ and it’s end goals you will see how truly diabolical it is.

Latest NDAA News

The NDAA issue is very important and pivotal to the loss of civil rights leading to marshal law.

“Welcome to the New World Order and The Obama Re-education Camp”.

Survival in a Dangerous World

If You’re Not Paranoid – You’re Not Paying Attention -

So – – -

Don’t Be Just Another Victim !!!